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Reinventing College Marketplace with Generative AI and Human intelligence

Get Success in College

AchieveOn is an open college community where students find quick answers to discover educational and career pathways. They first get free advice from our generative AI then set fees that they are willing to pay to benefit from deeper wisdom of human experts. Students receive targeted help for homework, term projects, test preparation, academic choices, career path, resume writing and job interview preparation. Experts on AchieveOn platform are other skilled students, tutors, counselors and professionals who earn income for their services. 



AchieveOn is a college community with rich suite of social collaboration features for both the students and the experts.

Micro-Questions & Micro-Projects

Get instant answers to your career and educational questions through Micro-questions. Then, create short10 - 60 minutes Micro-projects  to get connected with experts. Collaborate by deep diving on homework assignment, job search, academic counseling or career advice. 

Generative AI 

AchieveOn's Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine generates answers to help create educational and career pathways. Then, our AI connects students and experts with each other to deliver deeper benefit of human wisdom for high specificity guidance.

Real-time Collaboration 

Use live Audio, Video, Chat, Likes, Shares, Posts and Comments for real time collaboration. Attach working documents, links, images and videos to finish project.

For Students


Create Micro-Projects

Easily create study or career related micro-projects. Immediately solicit free help or set a fee you are willing to pay (as low as $3).

AchieveOn's project creation templates
AchieveOn Project details page


Find Experts Fast

Need help ? AchieveOn AI automatically recommends you best experts for your project. Or, you use our search engine to find the expert from any part of the world.


Social Collaboration and tracking

Work offline or online with experts using chat, audio and live video, all within the project. Share and upload collections (documents, images and videos explanations). Create and track project's sub-tasks. Seamlessly make project payments.

Achieveon Social Collaboration on projects

For Experts


Create Engaging Profile

Highlight your accomplishments, skills, interests and expertise. Showcase your portfolio of projects and get immediately hired.

Profile page for students and experts
Discover exciting projects


Easily Find Work

Save time, AchieveOn's AI matches you to the best projects based on your skills and expertise. Or, use our search engine to discover projects from any part of the world. Directly communicate with project owners using chat, audio and video calls. 


Earn and Grow Your Income

Collaborate on projects anytime, anywhere using iOS or Android phone. No need to carry computers. Get paid directly from within the app. Track all your income history from one place.

Manage all payments
About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief that education creates real opportunities

I believe education is a great equalizer. Too much of potential is wasted without proper guidance and education. I started AchieveOn to enable young people across the globe to overcome hurdles in completing their school, college and getting success beyond college. AchieveOn is a platform where each of us can enable others through coaching, counseling and guidance (pro-bono or paid). I hope that tiny contribution from many cascades to create a virtuous cycle of prosperity and equity in the world. 

~ Khursheed Hassan 

    Founder AchieveOn

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“II have been coaching senior executives and college grads on how to interview. This is a great app for keeping track of relevant materials and discussion points. Highly recommended for coaches..”

CEO, Elevate Careers

“Great way to build community around goals - love this!.”


“I use this app to help my daughter with school.”

Malisa Don

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